The Highest-Converting Link in Bio Pages on TikTok

Did you notice that your TikTok followers just don't click on your link in bio as much lately? It's not your fault. We are your solution and possibly the best kept secret in social media marketing. No trials - just a word of mouth.

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What can you do with EZBiolink?

Pretty much everything and more

Create a mini page

Create your own custom mini web site for your social media account

Sell your products

Sell your own digital products, services and accept donations.

110+ advanced PRO tools

110+ professional tools to offer you lead generation, traffic measurement, A/B testing, retargeting for your online and physical brand.


Links in bio


TikTok Influencers


Spent on ADs


For Affiliate Marketers

Create high-converting lead magnet pages, squeeze pages, upsell pages, exclusive download pages, measure traffic, track conversions, add call-to-action popups, countdown timers,  retarget with tracking pixels and much more. Perfect for Amazon Associates, Click Bank, Share a Sale and all other affiliate programs.

See a Sample Affiliate Page

For Real Estate Agents

All real estate agent data on one page. Share your page on your business cards with the built in QR code generator. Never lose your page when switching real estate companies.

See a Sample Real Estate Page

For Pro Influencers

Sell your own services, PDFs, accept donations with $0 platform fees via PayPal or Stripe. Monetize your traffic and turn your followers into paying customers with exclusive content, downloads and product offers. Cross-pollinate your social media profiles. Build your brand. Yes, we don't charge you for transaction fees, you only pay the PayPal or Stripe transaction fees.

See a Sample Influencer Page

For Brands and Communities

Embed dynamically updating RSS feeds, add social posts, Discord servers. SEO optimize your page with meta tags and a title. Create FAQ sections, encourage referrals, create micro blog pages, encouraging sharing to increase brand awareness and grow your community.

See a Sample Brand Page

Brands and Influencers ❤️ EZBiolink

EZBiolink is the Swiss Army Knife for Professional Influencers and Brands with 110+ professional tools, learning materials and real human support to help you.

110+ Tools

Get instant access to professional tools for creating/testing/retargeting simple sales funnels, high-converting bio pages, affiliate pages, QR business cards, QR menus etc. Your imagination is the limit.

2,000+ Links/Pages - 1 Login

Create and manage hundreds or thousands of links and landing pages from one single account. No need to segment your attention or remember hundreds of logins. One tool manages them all.

Advanced Analytics

Track clicks, conversions, UTM parameters, A/B test, link rotation, target by device, country and much more.


Your E-Mail List

Become free of social media network surveillance. Set up a fully GDPR compliant Mailchimp email collection for long-lasting marketing. Your email list - your customers - your rules.

Full SEO Control

Take control of your SEO. Start ranking on search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.) with optimizations like like page title and meta tags.

Deep Linking

Increase conversions up to 650% with deep links. A game-changing tool for App developers, app marketing and social media Influencers of any size.

Reasonable Pricing That Scales With Your Business

More than 110 tools to help you drive, track, retarget and monetize your traffic. Skip months of experimentation and start using the tools that have passed the test of time for over 7,000+ professionals.



  •  2 Landing Pages
  •  5 Shortened Links
  •  Sell PDFs & Services via PayPal or Stripe
  •  1-Year Analytics Data Retention
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  •  5 Landing Pages
  •  8 Shortened Links
  •  Sell PDFs & Services via PayPal or Stripe
  •  4-Year Analytics Data Retention
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  •  Unlimited Landing Pages
  •  Unlimited Shortened Links
  •  Sell PDFs & Services via PayPal or Stripe
  •  Unlimited Analytics Data Retention
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Explore Even More Amazing Features

A complete toolkit for becoming a professional social media marketer.

Interlinked Landing Pages

Create sales funnels, affiliate pages and personal pages with different content, which can be linked together. Optimize landing page conversions with real time A/B testing.

Project Management

Organize your personal pages and links into projects to combine tracking, analyze your statistics and neatly organize your work. Designed to streamline your job.

Complete Link Management

Take any link and create a shortened version, which is consistent with your branding. Shortened links can be managed on-the-fly, so you never have to change all of your links across all of your social channels.

Deep Analytics

No need to separately pay for 3rd party analytics tools, A/B testing solutions, targeting tools, ROI analytics and more. You get access to all of these pro tools and much more inside EZBiolink.

SEO Features

Rank your business, social media presence or a personal affiliate page on Google/Bing/Yahoo etc. Get free organic traffic and visibility with out SEO optimization capability.

UTM Parameters

Add UTM parameters to track your links. Set up "Medium" and "Source" parameters. This allows you to track your links by a campaign and a medium.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why EZBiolink?

An average influencer pays about $130 for various tools to run their business. EZBiolink combines 110+ tools for creating high converting landing pages with a capability to measure, optimize, test and retarget. You can even make simple edits to your photos right inside EZBiolink.

EZBiolink provides you with an incredible value, all built into a single app. No need to segment your attention with other apps. No need to learn new tools. No need for guesswork, we have experts who are happy to help you.

Become part of a community. By joining EZBiolink, you join a community of creators (ranging from 1000 - 6.5M followers) who are here to monetize their traffic. Our community members are vloggers, affiliate marketers, product reviewers and eCommerce experts. You will get support in almost any niche.

Do I need to know programming to set up a biolink?

No, you do not need ANY knowledge in programming or even word processing to use EZBiolink. In fact, we have made things so easy for you, that if you can type inside boxes, you are completely equipped to do everything. Plus, we have very detailed help docs, chat customer support and a large community of influences whom are ready to help you at any time.

What landing pages can I create?

You can create a EZBiolink landing pages for your social media profile, affiliate offers, affiliate social media pages, physical stores, restaurants, food trucks etc. You can turn almost any online presence into a business. Your success if our success. We are here to support you.

Can port in my own domain name?

Yes, you can port in your own domain name! Simply buy a domain name from your favorite provider (or use an existing one) and request it to be ported from your EZBiolink dashboard. It is super simple.

Do you offer business plans?

Yes! We love influencers, but we are also delighted to work with larger businesses. If you have a custom request, simply get in touch with us via the chat box or email, and we will be happy to work with you to meet your needs.

Can't find an answer?

Ask our support team