Simple and Privacy-Friendly Alternative to Linktree

EZBiolink is a lightweight biolink tool. No cookies, no tracking and fully compliant with GDPR, CCPA and PECR.

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Time to Ditch Linktree

We don't track or sell your data to 3rd parties. We are proudly powered by PrivateAnalytix

  • We don't track your data
  • We don't sell your data
  • We don't use cookies
  • We don't use Google Analytics

Embed TikTok, YouTube,  Twitch Videos & More

Show off your videos right on your biolink page. Keep user experience distraction-free!


Embed Your Podcast or Songs

Embed your favorite songs or your own podcast and music on your biolink page, where your fans/followers can enjoy them with a single tap.

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Professional Analytics

Learn about your visitors. Get detailed analytics about who your biolink visitors are, how many clicks/impressions did your links get, where they came from, what devices do your visitors use and more.


Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics

Professionally integrate your own Facebook Pixel or Google Analytics ID to get detailed statistics, track conversions and run retargeting ADs.

Add UTM parameters for link tracking.

Simple Pricing

One simple plan with all pro features

ezbiolink pro

 Annual Price $100 /yr

  •  2 Projects
  •  2 Biolink Pages
  • Link Shortener System
  • Removable Branding
  • Custom Branding
  • Link Thumbnails
  • In-depth Analytics
  • Custom Backgrounds
  • Verified Checkmark
  • Link Scheduling
  • SEO
  • E-Mail Collection
  • RSS Embed
  • vCard Embed
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Explore amazing features

Behind the simple look, EZBiolink packs advanced features that are excellent for everyone.

Multiple Biolinks

Completely private landing pages. Your information is kept totally private. You have 100% control of your data. Your information is kept on our server and not shared with 3rd parties.

Multiple Projects

One project for you, one for your friend, one for your company. One account is all you need.

Biolinks & Shortened Links

You can create biolinks and also shortened links. Shorten links and track their use via your analytics dashboard.

Day-By-Day Statistics

Access to daily statistics in form of graphs and tabs. Get to know your audience with our detailed statistics and if those are not enough, you can even integrate Google Analytics.

SEO Features

Add a page title and a meta description to your biolink page to optimize it for search engine discoverability.

UTM Parameters

Add UTM parameters to track your links. Set up "Medium" and "Source" parameters. This allows you to track your links by a campaign and a medium.

Start your 14 Day Trial

14 days free. No credit card required

Frequently Asked Questions

Why EZBiolink?

EZBiolink is completely private. All metrics are collected anonymously. No cookies are used and no personal data is collected.

EZBiolink is super light, which makes it very fast and reliable.

We use A.I. tools to actively fight and remove spammy links, which is why EZBiolink is not blocked on major social media platforms.

Do I need to know programming to set up a biolink?

No, you do not need any knowledge in programming to create a biolink page. In fact, we have made things so easy for you, that if you can type inside boxes, you are completely equipped to do everything.

Can I use my Biolink on more than one social page?

Yes, absolutely. We actually encourage you to do so.Your biolink comes with a standard URL. It is a simple WEB link that you can and should share everywhere on the internet to get your page seen.

Here are some examples of places where your biolink can be shared: Blogs, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler... Pretty much everywhere!

What is the difference between a "Project" and a "Biolink"

Think of a "Project" as a folder and a "Biolink" as a file in that folder. All of your biolinks will be inside a "Project". It makes it easier to group your biolinks together. Also, remember that besides biolinks, you can create shortened links, too. You can put all of your shortened links inside a "Project" to keep things organized and see stats.

Can I shorten links?

Yes, besides creating biolinks, you can shorten long links (URLs). They could be grouped in different projects and you can track statistics on your shortened URLs the same way as you can for a biolink.

What if I need more biolinks or links?

It is simple! You can go to your dashboard and upgrade your plan. We recommend that you do it at the end of the billing cycle, just so that you get the most out of your paid package. Otherwise, your upgraded plan will begin from the day of the upgrade and you will lose the remaining days on the old plan.

If you are a corporation, that needs a large number of biolinks or links, which go beyond what is offered in our plans, please email us at [email protected], and we will gladly work with you to meet your needs.

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