Simple pricing that scales with you

More than 110 tools to help you drive, track, retarget and monetize your traffic. Skip months of experimentation and start using the tools that have passed the test of time for over 7,000+ professionals.


$ 15 per month

Basic features new influencers

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  • 1 Landing page
  • Access to 39 blocks
  • Link shortening and tracking
  • 1-year analytics data retention


$ 40 per month

Advanced features larger influencers

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  • All in Standard + 2 landing pages
  • Sell digital products or services
  • AI text, pictures & chat (GPT-3.5)
  • 4-year analytics data retention


$ 100 per month

Advanced features for agencies

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  • All in Business + 6 Landing pages
  • 5 Team seats
  • Advanced AI model (GPT-4)
  • Unlimited analytics retention

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